Bleeding Hemroids?

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Re: Bleeding Hemroids?

Postby jane78 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:10 am

I'm having the same issue as many others and looking for a solution. I noticed that I have increased occurrences when I eat junk food and/or increase my weight. So my solution so far has been to drop some weight and eat less fried/fatty food. Seems to be working somewhat. I have also looked for hemorrhoids home treatment forums for suggestions and the diet seems to be on the top of the list of everyone else.
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Re: Bleeding Hemroids?

Postby DavidH » Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:11 am

Bleeding can come from several sources. Because colorectal cancer is one, although comparitively rare cause, the source of the bleeding should always be determined by a proper exam by a physician. Internal hemorrhoids are responsible for a large number of bleeding cases. Issues with hardened stool can definitely trigger bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids are composed of tissue structures that line the walls of the anal canal. Once damaged, these structures, composed of connective tissue, muscle and a network of veins, stay pushed out into the anal canal. Every time stool passes the area, it can tear at the surface of these weakened structures. Since the veins within them carry highly oxygenated arterial blood, any tearing will result in bleeding. The blood typically shows up as bright red and can display either on the stool, on the toilet tissue, or as free flowing from the anus.

To reduce bleeding instances due to internal hemorrhoids, you must eliminate the issues of hardened stool and constipation. Increasing dietary fiber and fluids are the first line of attack. By making your stool softened and bulkier, you will decrease any tearing action and therefore bleeding when you have a bowel movement. Long term, reducing or eliminating the hemorrhoid is your goal. Because the condition is chronic in nature, it will not go away by simply ignoring it. You have to be proactive. There are many contributory factors associated with hemorrhoid formation, not all applicable to all individuals. Learning what applies to you and eliminating those things that influence yours will be a good first step. There are long term home based remedies available to you as well as surgical alternatives if the condition worsens and becomes to difficult to handle at home. Educating yourself on the condition and what works to solve it long term is your best bet.
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