Do I have a hemorrhoid?

Everything you wanted to know about hemorrhoids but you were embarrassed to ask your doctor!

Do I have a hemorrhoid?

Postby importantquestion » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:52 pm

I noticed some anus pain 3 days ago but didn't really think anything of it. 2 days ago it was still bothering me and I felt a lump that was not quite in my anus, but it wasn't fully on the outside, kind of half and half. It is flesh colored and tender to the touch, and is more aggravating for me when I sit and stand up from sitting. I can notice it virtually all the time. I'm 21 y/o and have never been diagnosed with hemorroids before/never felt a lump in this area. I've been googling and researching my symptoms and am really hoping this is indeed an external hemorrhoid and not an abscess. Does it sound like it could be an abscess? I dont have the means of reaching a doctor for a while so I am seeking reassurance that I will be fine if it is left unseen by a professional for that amount of time.

Any reassurance/responses are much appreciated to put my mind at ease!! thank you
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Re: Do I have a hemorrhoid?

Postby steveo » Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:36 pm

i'm trying to find out the same thing. like you, i've got one that's kind of in and out, the larger portion being inside the anus. it only hurt the morning i woke up with it. now it's just there and it's been 9 days. no pain, itching, or bleeding, but i'm getting sick of the marble in my butt sensation when i go from standing to sitting, and vice-versa. a little time has passed since you posted. what did you find out?
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