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Postby Constinker » Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:29 am

Hi all, I've got severe hemorrhoids, due to a few reasons really.

The first being that I was born with a syndrome that includes systemic varicose veins, so that already predisposes me to varicosities of the anal veins, in other words, hemorrhoids. That syndrome is associated with alcohol consumption during gestation (I'm adopted, but my birth mother says she quit drinking, doing drugs, and smoking the moment she found out she was pregnant. I think I can believe her, but the damage could've easily been done before she was awre she was pregnant, my message, condoms and planned parenthood!).

The second being that I have a ver sedentary job of mostly sitting.

The third, I have a long history of constipation, that's been taken care of by probiotics, fiber didn't seem to help much.

And the last is I've been for the past few years a heavy drinker, consuming 2000 Ml of beer a day. That's been reduced to two recently, and I'm thinking of just discontinuing altogether.

I've been suffering from mild fecal incontinence for ten years, but early on, it was very occassional, like once a month, in which a smelly liquid would seep out. I thought at that time it was due to constipation, as in liquid feces seeps out around large hard stools.

It happened very occassionally from then on, and perhaps five years ago, a co-worker suggested I use a bidet toilet to 'get rid of the turtleheads'.

Two years ago, I had a couple times where mucus just dropped out of my anus, weird, gross, and uncomfortable. That hasn't happened since then, but a year ago, sometimes I could feel slight amounts of some liquid seeping out, or if my stool was soft, very small amounts of stool that only appearedas a small dot if I wiped my ass. All gross, and very stinky.

Finally, I had a few just terrible episodes of very fecal smelling gas. I' was gagging, and so was evryone else in the room.

I visited a few doctors, and they did colonoscopies, and digital rectal exams. They all said they didn't smell anything, and sent me home with gas control tablets.

Finally I met a doc who said that it might be caused by the massive internal hemorrhoids I have. Level 2 hemorrhoids. Not just one large one, but hree.

He's recommending a trns Anl Hemorrhoidectomy, but reading of the possible complications, like fecal incontinence later in life, anal fistulas, inability to urinate, narrowing of the anal canal, etc etc, I'm thinking that iy really might not be a good idea. I'm all for more temporary and less effective treatments like the Infrared. I don't think I'd mind going in periodically to 'get them burned off'.

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Re: Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby Laram » Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:43 pm

I'm not a physician, but if you want my advice I would take the recommendation.
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Re: Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby mbkg92 » Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:21 am

Hi I just wanted to post my experience here.. Had hemrrhoidectomy Sep 13, i am at day 7. Its the worst pain i have ever had especially when trying too poop. Stopped the percocet day 3 just too much made me nauseous and zombielike. Taking tylenol and sitz baths throughout the day and night. I find myself up all night! I cannot stand the throbbing in my butt area after BM, even after bath etc, it still throbs for hours. Anyone experience this? BM are difficult and painful. I do not know why they give you cream with TUBE to put into your rectum , there is no way i can put that anywhere near my rectum, never mind insert it, forget it not happening.
Drinking a gallon of water/juice a day, metamucil twice a day and stool softeners twice a day. eating fiber one cereal with banana for breakfast, salad and fruit during the day and cereal for dinner again.
One thing that i have to mention even though its gross. Has anyone smelled the blood that leaks out, mine smells bad, like dead ass, its making me worried.
Let me know!
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Re: Hemorrhoidectomy

Postby easternguy » Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:27 pm

Mac - Now that a couple of weeks have gone by, would you recommend the surgery? Was it worth it?
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Postby NicholasIZe » Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:06 am

Hi every1,

I'm nicolas, a newbie and already luving it in this forum. I'm just giving a prompt introduction
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