Free Natural body Hmrd cure. No joking!! Just try it!!!

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Free Natural body Hmrd cure. No joking!! Just try it!!!

Postby bthompson33 » Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:09 pm

About five years ago I started having problems with hemorroids at age 38. I tried everything from creams, to natural pills. Sometimes there was minimal relief. Yes I prayed for a natural remedy and..... my God answered. I still don't know how this was given to my to try but ...IT WORKS EACH TIME!!! As I'm typing this, I started to cry out of thankfulness to share it with others. After you try this, I invite anyone to contact me with questions or help.IF and when it works, please share this free remedy with everyone who has this problem. Here goes.
1. Relax on the toilet letting your muscles move your bowels for you. Do not push.
2. Seperate your two ply tissue into single ply.
3. Wipe GENTLY in the opposite direction.
4. Before your final 2-3 wipes, dab a little water on the tissue for moisture then wipe.
5. This is important! Have a pillow ready in a comfortable place on the floor, maybe near a television.
6. Go lay on your stomach for about 5-8-minutes.
7. Turn on your side,left or right for the same period of time. or al ittle longer.
8. Turn on you side again after a few minutes and you will start to feel the anal discomfort shrink and go away. It's like a tingle.
9. After about 2-3 more minutes get up and it's like good as new. This works everytime and it gets easier over time.
10. Please contact me if you are not sure of the steps or if you have quetsions. Be blessed and good health to you!
By the way, the reason this works is because there's no blood rushing to the veins as it would if you were standing. The body is relaxed also.
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Re: Free Natural body Hmrd cure. No joking!! Just try it!!!

Postby Justin » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:05 pm

I tryed this method about two months ago and I was actualy suprised it worked. However it is not a permanent cure and is a bit impractical when you are at work (esspecially when your job requires you to be standing). A couple weeks ago I found a website that was promoting a product that was fairly inexpensive, I tried it and so far it has worked like they said it would! If your serious about getting relief please visit this link.

Good luck
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Re: Free Natural body Hmrd cure. No joking!! Just try it!!!

Postby dwilly12 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:53 pm

Both my wife and i had hemorrhoids (hers worse than mine from the birth of my son). We used hemrid and my were gone in 3 days, but hers took about two weeks to go away completely. We also tried to drink 6 glasses of water every day too which helped i'm sure.Needless to say, we are both very happy now... :D
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