External Hemorrhoid visited 2 doctors no help

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External Hemorrhoid visited 2 doctors no help

Postby seatistaken » Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:04 pm

Hi everyone

I have had an external hemorrhoid for about 3 months now. Its quite uncomfortable and painful at times. I went to my PCP and he just prescribed some witch hazel/Tucks and stool softners and advised lifestyle changes. 6 weeks went by and I didn't notice any improvement so I went to the ER and hoped the ER doc could excise the hemorrhoid. The ER doc did an anoscopy and found I had a few internal and the one external hemorrhoid. She advised the same things as the PCP. When I asked if she could excise it I think she misunderstood me and thought I was asking for a hemorrhoidectomy and just told me to continue what I was doing and sent me away. Plus she knew that I had a appointment with a Colorectal surgeon in 1.5 months so I think she just wanted to discharge me ASAP.

Anyways now I am doing everything possible (stool softners, witch hazel, sitz baths, high fiber, 8-10 glasses of water). There is no bleeding, its just very painful and uncomfortable. It is a proper external hemorrhoid about the size of a almond. I have an appointment with the surgeon in 3 weeks. Do you think the surgeon will be more helpful and possibly excise the hemorrhoid on an OP basis? I am really worried that even the surgeon will just send me on my way without any relief.
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Re: External Hemorrhoid visited 2 doctors no help

Postby easternguy » Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:12 pm

Did you ever solve this problem? If not I have some ideas/thoughts.
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