how much worse can surgery make you???

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how much worse can surgery make you???

Postby bluman » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:36 pm

I recently (about 5 weeks ago) had a hemorroid removed. It seemed to be decent size, and was on the outside. It had caused me a fair amount of pain and swelled up horribly whenever i moved my bowels. Well, 2 days after the surgery, i was very constipated, and the doctor didn't have me on any kind of laxative. I had a very painful bowel movement that took about 15 minutes and was very wide and solid. Now, 5 weeks after the surgery, it doesn't seem like the incision has closed smothly (there's still a little flesh that grew out from the inside and for lack of a better term, looks like a vagina and cliterous. Now, if i look at my anus, it seems to be bruised/discolored around the entire opening. Is it possible that that surgery and that one bad bowel movement has caused the entire rest of the area to develop hemorrhoids???? If that was the case, I never would have had the surgery, and my "surgeon" never mentioned any of that as a possible side affect.
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